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Party Bus Central  is about FUN and ENTERTAINMENT so on this website you will see the two best Party Bus Companies in Auckland come together to give you, the customer, the BEST experience on a Party Bus you will ever have!

Party Bus Central has a choice of buses for you to choose from that will fit all budgets and tastes from wild Stags and Hens nights to the most VIP of Corporate Nights.

The best thing about Party Bus Central is the combination of the two most professional, fully licensed  Party Bus companies in Auckland. Topbus Party Bus and Getapartybus are two entities that know how to party -  we know all the elements to make your night a success. We take all the guess-work out of it and offer you already packaged deals that we know work, or we can formulate a DIY a package for you. We have lots of entertainment on board!

Let me tell you a bit about each business. Firstly, Craig and Sharon are Party Animals from the 80s so you're in good hands! The other thing about these two operators is they normally drive their own buses ensuring everything is right, from the first phone call to the event itself.


Topbus was the brain-child of Craig Nicholson, a Kiwi doing his OE in the UK. In 1998 he purchased a Bristol VR 1974 double-decker bus, fitting the bus out as a house bus to live in while he was working at The London Docks Raceway building the raceway and cars.

Durex then sponsored the bus and fully wrapped the double-decker with its unique brand and gave the boys, Craig and Mark, a mission to go around IBIZA promoting condoms. The bus by this stage had a fully working Jacuzzi on the lower deck: to say the boys had fun would be an understatement!

Flanked with bikini promo girls, they drove the bus around IBIZA. Craig worked with Virgin Radio in the UK promoting the brand, partying with Stereophonics and Jason Slater to name a few. They attended all the top festivals of the day providing the VIP area for the bands.

After this, Craig decided to build the bus into the most VIP of party buses and ship it back to NZ, which is the Topbus you see today. The features of the bus are as follows: fully opening sun roof, Bose sound system, electric drop-down windows, flush toilet, and VIP leather limo-style seating with a fully functioning night club bar. The Jacuzzi is downstairs and whilst the bus is in motion it's heating the water up just for you.


Getapartybus was set up by Sharon Killen, an entrepreneur come party animal herself. Sharon worked on the Big Red Buses in Wellington when she was just 18, the youngest driver on the job - with long blonde hair she caused a bit of a stir! Sharon went on to owning her own business in the food industry, the went on to work as a Sales Manager. Sick of the corporate grind, she had a dream one night of incorporating big vehicles (which she loves) and making people happy and voila! Getapartybus became a reality.

She purchased a bus and went about doing it up for a Party Bus business. The first thing she noticed was none of the buses in NZ were licensed for alcoho; her Party Bus business was the first in NZ to provide an on-license bar in 2011. Sharon’s philosophy is for people to have fun in a safe setting.