10 Things You Should Know

  1. First of all, ask for a picture of the actual bus you will be hiring, as there are lots of different levels of party buses from VIP to party buses with lights, and some companies simply supply plain old school buses.Alcohol
  2. Ask what is included in the price; Food? Alcohol? Barman? Entertainment?Auckland-stag-party
  3. Ensure the price includes pick up from far out destinations, such as Whangaparoa, Clevedon, Bombay etc. Always let the provider know where the pick up point is, as sometimes you could be paying more for mileage.Hire-Form
  4. Make sure you sign a hire form so both parties know what you have asked for and indeed are paying for, it’s a legally binding contract between supplier and consumer.Bond
  5. Ask if you’re paying a deposit or a bond, as they are quite different.
  6. Ask if you can decorate the bus or if you are permitted to play games or dares.
  7. Make sure the bus is fully licensed so you don’t get into any grief with the liquor police; Auckland has a full liquor ban. If you are caught drinking on a party bus that isn’t licensed, you will receive the fine, not the bus company. Fines can be as much as $350 per person or $20,000.
  8. It’s always a good idea to put all the things you have agreed on for the hire into an email, just in case something goes wrong, as sometimes we all know communication can break down!
  9. Always ensure you are hiring party buses from professional companies that adhere to all the NZTA and Government legislation, it’s all part of keeping you safe.
  10. If you do have “entertainment” on the bus, ensure it’s from a reputable company. No one wants to be the reason that the stripper didn’t turn up!