Hire Agreements





By booking with Party Bus Central we will make it our first priority that you enjoy your experience with us and that you do so safely.

We recommend all customers read and follow the rules for their specific event and if you have any questions please contact one of our friendly staff for more information. How to help organize a safe event!

The entire point is to have fun and enjoy the Party Bus experience at each different event or establishment we visit along the way. If you do drink too much, you may be refused entry to the bars and that can ruin everyone‟s evening.

With that in mind, there are some important Hints & Tips of the road for a successful party bus event. If you follow them you‟re sure to have a great and safe time. EAT. We strongly suggest that everyone eats before the event and we will also supply Pizza on board FOC on all hires except one-hour transfers where you must supply the food.

Remember our Drivers and Duty Managers reserve the right to refuse service and ultimately send you home in a Taxi at your cost.

Drink Water! Alcohol dehydrates, so it‟s important to “space” your drinks out with glasses of water and re-hydrate. We supply water free of charge and encourage all passengers to drink water in between alcoholic beverages.

Don’t Drink & Drive! We are the transport so please make sure you have a safe way of getting home when we drop you off, at your selected drop off point. If you need multiple stops please let us know well in advance so we can build that into your hire.

All passengers must keep all body parts inside the bus at all times, failure to do so will result in the person being banned from the bus for the remainder of the hire. At no time can any of the passengers try and open the doors whilst the bus is in motion

Anyone who displays unacceptable behaviour will be removed from the bus and the hire could be terminated (without a refund). This is for the safety & benefit of the passengers and staff. Drinking is on the Bus all our buses are  Fully Licensed. We sell the liquor on the bus in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Laws. You must have photo ID (Passport, NZ Drivers Licence, 18+ Card). Please be aware that if any BYO liquor is found it will be confiscated and put in the hold under the bus and you will also be charged.

Alcohol purchased on the conveyance must be consumed on board and cannot be taken off the bus at any time.

What happens if the bus is late? In the unlikely event that the bus arrives late for your pick up due to delays, which are often out of our control, we make up the time at the end of the hire

Payment Terms Deposits are required to confirm all our events and bus hires and are non-refundable. All enquiries you make with us are noted in our system as a quotation. Quotations do not reserve a bus or event for you, it is only once we have received your deposit and the filled out hire form that we are able to confirm your booking and allocate a particular vehicle to your event. So please confirm your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you do need to cancel your booking we will hold the deposit for your next hire. Bookings that are cancelled with inappropriate notice will be charged to the client at the full value of the hire or event but we are happy to do another hire at another time for you at the same cost.

Lost Property We take no responsibility for any items left on our buses, however, any items that are found will be kept in our office for up to 14 days. We will contact you so you can pick them up. Departure Times The pickup time booked is the planned arrival time of the vehicle booked. We give our drivers sufficient time to arrive at their destination on time and ready to depart, however, if there are circumstances beyond our control we cannot be held liable for these delays.

Repairs and Cleaning Depending on the hire, there is an expected level of cleaning. If a greater level of cleaning is required you may be required to pay for this. If one of your group is sick on the bus there will be a $150 cleaning charge. Any damage to the vehicle caused by the passengers will be charged to the organizer and the organizer will take responsibility to pay for these repairs and seek recompense from the person concerned.

Remember Party Buses are Fun and Safe transport and with your co-operation, we can keep it that way.

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Your booking is only confirmed once you have paid the Deposit in advance

Full payment is to be paid into the correct bank account 7 days prior to departure. If for any reason you cancel your booking and have paid for the full hire, GPB will endeavour to do another outing for you but your hire cost will not be returned.

Any extra hire time on the night will be $300 per hour. Time extensions are at the discretion of the driver due to their NZTA Log Book requirements, and all extra charges must be paid for prior to extension. Please note that if you cancel your booking, you will forfeit your deposit.

The hirer is responsible for any damage incurred to the bus during the hire. we will not be held responsible for any damage caused intentionally or otherwise to people or property the organiser will be held liable to cover any and all additional costs incurred. It is your responsibility who you have on the bus. Drop-off time means the bus must drop you off at your final destination by that time. If you have ordered “Entertainment” on the bus, we use Stripper Auckland and their terms & conditions also apply to this hire. If for any reason you cancel your “Entertainment” you will be charged a $100 Cancellation Fee.

How it Works

Our Buses are fully licensed like a bar, and is a safe and fun transport option for you and your friends. You can dance, sing, or relax. We have a few rules and guidelines to keep everyone safe and within the law. We only allow responsible drinking behaviour. NO SMOKING or vaping is permitted on the bus at all times. Most of Auckland is covered by a Liquor Ban. It is against the law to consume alcohol off the bus in a public place. NO drinks are allowed to be taken off the bus at any time. All our buses have a Full On -Licence so alcohol can be sold and supplied on the bus. NO BYO Alcohol at any time! If the bus is late on arrival, extra time will be added to the end of the hire, as we are not in control of traffic delays, or event delays. In this instance you will be contacted via phone call.

  • A deposit of $500 will be required to lock in your bus and staff
  • If this bus breaks down we will get another bus to you and give you the same tour for the same amount  of time, you will not be refunded for the bus you have hired as getting another bus to you comes at a great cost.
  • If for any reason you have to cancel your event,we will refund the deposit, unless the event is less than one month away then wewill work with you to get another event at another time underway for you and use the $500 for the new event.
  • All liquor licensing laws must be adhered to and we will enforce these rules.
  • If we run out of a specific drink that you would like we always endeavour to get this for you en-route, please note this is not ALWAYS possible especially on late jobs, the bus only has so much storage.
  • No alcohol is to be taken off the bus
  • No alcohol is to be brought back on the bus from any other establishment
  • No BYO we have  a full on- License and all alcohol will be sold on the bus. If BYO is found the organiser will reimburse us and pay the total of the alcohol found
  • No intoxicated persons will be served, and the intoxicated persons will be sent home in a taxi at your expense.
  • If this bus breaks down we will get another bus to you and give you the same tour for the same amount of time, you will not be refunded for the bus you have hired as getting another bus to you comes at a great cost, sometimes this could take up to 2 hours but generally we can replace the bus within half an hour.

Please note Party Buses are a relaxed and fun mode of transport to get you and your guests either from one place to another, or a tour around Auckland City. We may stop on occasions for Pizza for instance as we like this very fresh for you, and sometimes to reload refreshments and Water and necessities along the way.  As there is only so much space on the bus, sometimes we do 4- 5 jobs one after the other. But this will not interfere with your partying on board in any way if anything its a 5 minute stop and at this stage, you have the option to get out of the bus for a cigarette break, or just carry on  dancing and singing and having fun.

Hire will be terminated immediately if:

  • Any willful damage is caused to the bus. You will be liable for any damage
  • Any verbal, physical abuse or threatening behaviour is displayed to the driver or duty manager on board. By anyone! We will not tolerate ugly toxic behaviour
  • Fighting occurs on the bus by passengers
  • If you try to BYO
  • If anyone interferes with door controls, emergency controls, drivers controls, roof hatches etc
  • If you damage or break any emergency exits you will be charge a minimum of $500 for repairs.
  • If anyone urinates in public or on the bus
  • There will be a clean up fee if one of  your group vomits

We reserve the right to:

Insist on compulsory sober up stops. KFC/MCDONALDS etc.

Evict persons that are: Not following the rules, too out of control or are over intoxicated, or are throwing things from the bus. We insist anyone over intoxicated should be sent home in a taxi. It is in your best interest and safety to do so.

Please note also...

Lost property

We are not liable or any property lost on the party buses, wherever possible if we find property you will be alerted and asked to pick up, we will destroy property after 2 weeks if not picked up.