Hiring School Ball Transport Tips and Ideas

Hire our Luxury Professional Party Buses with Professional Chauffeurs to make your School Ball Night Wonderful.
Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your School Ball Event works the way it should.
I think the biggest thing to think about guys is to act real quick as soon as your ball is announced get on the internet and look for a “professional” transport company to take you and your mates to the ball. Quite often there will be more than one ball on that date that your school ball is on and then suddenly hundreds of kids are clamouring for the same party buses to get them there and within hours the buses will book.
We have deposits that you put down to ensure your bus or car is locked and loaded into that date and your hire form is signed before we even put your name on the board for that bus. This is integral for your peace of mind and our booking system.
When booking your bus or cars or limo’s make sure the vehicle you choose is the one that is going to turn up at your pre ball, ensure the company makes you sign a “hire agreement” this is integral as it keeps you safe in your hire with the company as its a legal binding signed agreement to what you have agreed to! Make sure the company puts the name or the number plate of the vehicle on the hire form. Another thing we encourage is to actually come and look at the vehicle then you know exactly what you are getting as some companies photo shop pics of vehicles and they really aren’t what you think they are going to be.
Always Always when you have booked your vehicle in advance check the week before all is ok with the hire just to make sure, any good company will more than likely contact you a week before for final payment and checking things like parking in your street for the driver.
That brings me to another point, when your hire a bus to turn up at your house, make sure there is parking for them, get an area ready around 11 metres for a bus to park, its not easy taking big party buses into streets that are narrow anyway then having no where to wait for you.
Things that are a must have for your School Ball Ride
  • Nice drivers :)
  • Party Lights
  • Wicked Sounds
  • Dancing Area or Limo Seating


  • Professional Chauffeurs with P endorsement (means there allowed to drive passengers)
  • Clean immaculate vehicles
  • Good sounds!
Only use professional companies that have all their endorsements and TSL licenses to drive and look after fare paying passengers! There are alot of cowboys out there guys anyone can put up a website and pretend to be a good company.
Thats it for now, have a great School Ball season its our favorite time of the year and look forward to you booking our buses and cars!
Sharon and Craig